Beretta 93R


Calibre: 9 mm Parabellum
Method of fire: semi-automatic in singie shot,
or fully automatic in controlied bursts of three
Locking system: hinged locking block
Overali length: 240 mm
Barrei length: with flash-hider and muzzle brake, 156 mm
Length of sight line: 160 mm
Metal stock length: 368 mm
Metal stock (folded) length: 195 mm
Height: with 20 rds magazine, 170 mm
Width: 37 mm
Weight: with 20 rds empty magazine, 1170 gr
Folding metal stock weight: 270 gr
Safety: a) manual, blocking the sear
b) inertial firing pin
Selector: a) semi-automatic fire
b) controlied bursts of 3 rds
Magazine: staggered, 20 rds
Rate of fire: about 110 rds/min
Sights: front: biade
rear: V notch
Vo: 375 m/sec
Eo: 55 kgm